From the Nation’s Capital, we welcome you to the Apostolic Faith Church. For more than five decades, we have been blessed to witness many blessings and God’s goodness while enjoying the fellowship of a strong, growing and deeply committed church family. As you learn of our history and share in our witness, we ask you to pray for our community.

Washington DC Celebrates the Life of Sister Lilllian Burnette!

Many gathered at the Apostolic Faith Church in Washington DC to pay their last respect to Sister Lilllian Burnette on Saturday, November 7, 2014. Apostolic Faith congregants from East Coast sister churches also descended on the nation's capital to join families and friends to memorialized and celebrate the life of Sister Lillian Burnette. The Rev. Eugene Segres, District Superintendent, delivered the eulogy. Some of Sister Lillian's closest friends gave tributes and sung songs in celebration.